About Frightmares

Frightmares's LLC is a private company owned by Alex and Cristy Phipps and Kegan Inman.

The owners have made it their goal to provide quality haunted entertainment to Greene and surrounding counties in Indiana while giving back to the community through different community events such as hosting an annual blood drive!

2019 is Frightmare's NINTH season and a lot of time and effort is being invested to expand both the length and scares in the haunt. Building started in November of 2018 and this season will be the most detailed and intense season yet! Frightmares will be open every Friday and Saturday in October as well as Halloween night. The ninth year will definately top the first eight years and the owners look forward to pleasing all of the guests once again!

During the 2017 season, the Greene County Daily World did a very nice article about our haunted house. Check it out here: Frightmares, a family bonded by (artificial) blood